• An average speaker rating of 86%.
    Over my last 20 rated presentations.

  • Nike changed the way people run.
    From acts to ads.

  • KLM's experiment how happiness spreads.
    From experiment to solid business cases.


    Models & Frameworks.
    Get a head start to implement social media and conversations.
    Campaigns versus programs


What I do:


Over the last couple of years I did over 200 presentations with an average speaker rating of 86%. Amongst my commercial clients are companies like Philips, KLM, Nike, SAP, Accenture, Unilever, Danone, Vodafone and VRT.

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Sorry, I don't do social media strategies.
I change companies to be more about acts and less about ads. Through strategies and roadmaps. Not for the duration of a campaign. Not because social media is cool. But permanently.

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Often you need someone to challenge your thoughts, structure your existing efforts or just exchange thoughts on a regular basis.
I can help.

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Typically, direct contact with customers is delegated to the lowest in rank in the company. Front desk employees. Customer service agents. But why would you? How can you delegate the most important thing, building a relationship with your customers, to people who are too often (management’s fault, not theirs) underpaid, under-experienced, under-involved and not empowered? […]


It’s raining cats and dogs outside and your customer or client is about to leave your store/office and to get fully utterly soaking wet. So, what do you do? Good employees take an umbrella from the pile of umbrellas with the company name and logo on it and hand one to the customer. Great employees offer […]